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Automated Trading Robot for Pocket Option

Boost your account growth effortlessly with our cutting-edge Pocket Option robot. This powerful tool not only saves you time and money but also executes trades 24/7, ensuring your investments thrive without interruption. Experience seamless account growth with our advanced technology.

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How to Automate your #1 Pocket Option Bot and Activate Free License

Create New Pocket Option Account

Create New Account

To get started, click the "Sign Up" button here to create your new Pocket Option trading account. Once created, you can use this account to log in to Autobot. The software will automatically recognize your account and activate your license, allowing you to use the software for FREE.

2. Login to Autobot Signal

Connect your new Pocket Option account with Autobot Signal for seamless trading. Simply log in to Autobot Signal, and link your Pocket Option Robot for optimized automated trading.

Select Your Trading Signal Key

3. Select Your Signal

After you successfully logged in, you'll find two signal options to choose from. As a free user, you can only select the "TradingView/MT4" option. The "Pro Signal" is available exclusively for Pro Subscriber package members.

If you don't have your own Signal Key, you have the option to follow other traders' Signal Keys here:

Pocket Option Robot

4. Time to Automate

Once everything is set up to your liking, it's time to relax and let Autobot handle the trading for you. Whether you're using your own strategies or following expert strategies, Autobot will manage the trades on your behalf.

Watch Live Trade with MT4

Explore live trading success with our Autobot Signal on MetaTrader 4, generating $168 in 3 hours. We demonstrate how quality indicators, whether market-bought or self-made, can effortlessly unlock passive income, showcasing the potential for financial growth with the right tools.

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Lean back while Autobot places trades according to your rules

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