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Connect TradingView/MT 4/5 with your Binary Options broker

Forge a robust connection between your preferred brokerage platforms and your TradingView account, enabling seamless automation of technical indicator signals.

Connect Autobot with TradingView

1. Log-in

2. Set up TradingView Alert

3. Relax and let autobot works

Enhance Your Binary Options Trading with Automated Alerts on TradingView

How Autobot works
Autobot interface login

1. Log-in to your Autobot

  1. Once you successfully log in to Autobot, you will get a prompt to choose TradingView/MT4

  2. Input your Signal Key as you wish, as shown in the picture we choose 1234 as an example.

  3. Click Save and wait for the Dashboard to show up

TradingView Indicators

2. Set up TradingView Alerts

Open Chart and add an Indicator:

  • Click on the "Indicators" button located at the top of the chart or use the shortcut "Ctrl+I" (Cmd+I on Mac) to open the indicator list.

  • Choose the indicator you want to use for the alert from the list. You can either search for the indicator or scroll through the categories.

TradingView Alert added

Add Alert from your Indicator

Add an Alert:

  • Once you've configured the indicator to your liking, within the indicator settings panel, you'll find an "Alerts" section by Click on [ ... ] More 

  • Click on the "Add Alert" button.

TradingView Alert setting

Configure your alert Setting to link to Autobot

  1. Before going to Settings go to Notifications to past this Webhook URLhttp://

  2. Condition: Select the condition you want to trigger the alert. For example, you can choose conditions like "CALL" or "PUT."

  3. Trigger: Set the value trigger to Once Per Bar Close.

  4. Alert Name: You can name as you wish, here we named "Autobot"

  5. Message: Input our code into the message box 

"side": "buy", 

Note: make sure that in line 3 of the codes called "key": must input our Signal Key from our Autobot from Step 1. We used "1234".

  • Finally, click on Create

Autobot interface Start Trading

Start Trading

Back to your Autobot

  1. At the top corner, you see your Signal Key: 1234

  2. Here you can switch from Live or Demo Account

  3. Once everything is set to your likes, Now you click Start Trading

To get started with TradingView it costs at least $15/month. That is why we trying to cover that for you by Creating a Free Sginal Key for you, So you can enjoy all Top Expert Indicators available on TradingView for FREE, right here on our website without the need to open a TradingView account.

Free Signal Key

TradingView Pricing
TradingView Logo
TradingView Logo
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