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Automated Trading Robot for Binance Futures

Maximize your Binance Futures trading with our advanced Bot, designed to automate strategies for optimal results. Operating 24/7, this Binance Futures Trading Bot ensures your investments continuously grow. Save valuable time and money, as our automated solution drives your portfolio towards sustained prosperity, becoming a crucial tool for financial success.

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How to Automate your #1 Binance Futures Bot and Activate Free License

Binance API Login

1. How to Login 

To log in to Autobot Trading Software, simply enter your Binance API Key and Secret API. These credentials enable the software to securely access your Binance account for trading activities. Ensure your keys are correct and have the necessary permissions for seamless bot operation.

Connect TradingView/MT4 with Binance

Connect TradingView/ MT 4/5 to 

After logging in, look for the "TradingView/MT4" option. Then, enter your "Signal Key" in the space provided below. This will allow you to receive signals from your TradingView or MT4 accounts, enabling the bot to automatically trade on your Binance Futures based on these signals.

Auotmated Trading Binance Futures

Social Trading

To automate your trading, insert the "Signal Key" into your Autobot, right below where you select "TradingView/MT4" as your Signal Selection. We use Signal Keys to give you the flexibility to craft your own trading strategy. Plus, it lets you follow the strategies of other traders by using their Signal Keys.

Binance Automated Trading Process

Time to Automate

Once everything is set up to your liking, it's time to relax and let Autobot handle the trading for you. Whether you're using your own strategies or following expert strategies, Autobot will manage the trades on your behalf.

Built by Traders, for Traders

Lean back while Autobot places trades according to your rules

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