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For any trading requirement,

all you need is a powerful signal bot.

Autobot Trading seamlessly integrates with TradingView, offering users unparalleled flexibility in trading across a wide array of markets, catering to every conceivable strategy.


Autobot Trading offers seamless integration with MetaTrader, providing users with advanced automation capabilities for forex and CFD trading, enhancing efficiency and strategic depth.


Autobot Trading simplifies cryptocurrency trading by automating your strategies, allowing for easy, efficient, and stress-free trading experiences tailored to your investment goals.


Autobot Trading revolutionizes Binary Options trading by automating decisions and actions, enabling users to effortlessly capitalize on market movements with precision and ease.


Autobot Trading enhances Forex trading with sophisticated automation, streamlining strategies for maximum efficiency and profitability, ensuring seamless trading experiences without manual intervention.


Autobot Trading transforms stock trading with advanced automation, enabling seamless execution of strategies, optimizing returns, and simplifying the investment process for traders of all levels.


Simplify Your Trading With Autobot Trading Signal

Autobot Trading Software First Time Open

Available Broker

Autobot Trading Signal delivers excellence by exclusively featuring the top performers across various markets. Whether you're trading Crypto, Stocks, Forex, or Binary Options, everything you need is readily accessible at your fingertips.

How to connect with TradingView / MT4/5 Signal


Autobot Trading Signal is fully integrated with both TradingView and MetaTrader, offering users the flexibility to trade using millions of indicators and pre-built strategies for an enhanced trading experience.

Autobot Trading Software Dashboard

Supper Friendly UI

The Autobot UI boasts a supremely clean and user-friendly design, with trading tables, win rates, and daily profits displayed clearly, making it exceptionally easy to comprehend.

Autobot Trading Software Settings

Setting Up Your Trading

Focus solely on your trading needs; the dashboard settings are simplified for ease yet effective for automating your trades. We provide precisely what you need for success, striking the perfect balance.


Get All the Tools You Need
In a Single Platform

  • Since there are infinite ways to trade automatically with Autobot Signal, the robot win rate/effectiveness is variable for each user. Your results will depend on the technical indicators you set up on TradingView or MetaTrader or the signals providers you subscribe to, your general configurations, risk-management parameters, and overall strategy.

    Accuracy is Depended on your Indicators

  • As well as the robot win rate/effectiveness, the generated income will be totally variable in each case and up to each user. Our platform allows infinite options regarding the technical indicators used, CopyTrading providers, general configurations, risk-management parameters, and overall strategy.


  • No. There are absolutely no risks of your account being blocked or banned by using the Autobot Signal platform. Development teams and legal departments of all our supported brokers have examined our platform and officially approved it.

    Bot Trade / AI Trading is common in Trading

  • Although our platform application needs to be constantly running on your laptop/PC, if you want it to operate while you are away, there is no need to leave your laptop/PC turned on all day long. You can hire a VPS (virtual private server) and configure our platform on a remote system!

    PC must be on too keep the software running

  • We accept credit/debit cards, Bitcoin, and other major cryptocurrencies through Binance and AdvCash.

    Payment method

  • No, our platform is not ready for mobile devices yet.

    Devices Availablity

  • There are varieties of TradingView's strategies available on their platform, you will need to apply and test them and figure it out in your demo account by yourself, once you are satisfied with the results then can try on Real Account. We can't really give a recommendation on this.

    Free Signal Keys

  • Pro Signal win rate depends on each day's market conditions but ranges accuracy between 45% to 90% but with martingale applied win rate can be 85% to 100%. We highly recommend managing your risk accordingly.

    Pro Signal Win Rate

  • If you don't see your Autobot license updated, do not worry sometimes the license is not automatically updated so our staff has to manually update it for you if you bought a license after working hours here in Europe your license will updated the next day. Or you can instantly inbox us, and our available staff will check for you. 

    License not being updated?

  • This number is depended on brokers' rules, but most will accept at least 10$ minimum.

    Minimum investment

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