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Custom messages alert in TradingView

Free Indicators

We've curated a list of the most popular indicators on TradingView for your convenience. Our team has dedicated efforts to modify these for seamless integration with the Autobot Trading Software. Additionally, we're providing the source code for each indicator. This opens up the opportunity for you to further customize and enhance these tools, taking your automated trading to the next level.

Our modified Indicator that only required 1 Alert to trigger Buy / Sell

AI Supper Trend

TradingView script with adaptive SuperTrend signals, dynamic clustering, and real-time dashboard, with 1 alert for both buy and sell. Made ready for Autobot Trading Users.

ML | RSI Crossing

This Pine Script for TradingView enhances RSI-based trading signals with machine learning. It dynamically adjusts RSI length for optimal performance and incorporates Bollinger Bands.

ML | Logic Regression

This Pine Script employs logistic regression for trading, generating buy/sell signals across assets by analyzing price data with machine learning techniques.

Reversal Signals

This Pine Script identifies reversal signals in markets, distinguishing between momentum and exhaustion phases, and offers customizable trade setups with visual signals and alerts.

Triple MACD

Custom Pine Script for TradingView with three MACD indicators, generates automated buy/sell signals and integrates with Autobot Trading Software for automated trading.

Crossing MA

This Pine Script indicator signals trades by analyzing candle patterns and moving average crosses, providing buy or sell alerts based on user-defined parameters. Ready to automate with Autobot.

How their Strategies are being used for Autobot Software

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