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Connect Autobot Trading with MetaTrader 4/5

Using MetaTrader 4/5 boosts trading with its extensive strategy library and personalization features, coupled with a community of millions for insights and improvement. We'll show you how to link MetaTrader 4/5 with your Autobot, optimizing your strategy automation for a more productive, successful trading experience.

AutoSignal Connector

Integrating Autobot Software with MetaTrader 4/5 is Remarkably Simple

AutoSignal Connect .ex4 with Meta Trader

1. Download AutoSignal Connector

Download the "AutoSignal_connector" file. You'll find two versions: one for Meta Trader 4 (.ex4 file) and one for Meta Trader 5 (.ex5 file). Choose the version that matches your Meta Trader platform.

2. Place the file into the "Script" folder

After downloading, you need to place the file into the "Scripts" folder of your Meta Trader 4 or 5 installation directory.

3. Enable WebRequest

To activate AutoSignal Connector in Meta Trader, go to "Tools" > "Options" > "Expert Advisors". Check "Allow DLL imports" and "Allow WebRequest for listed URL". Enter `` as the URL. This setup permits necessary external communications and library usage for the Connector's functionality. Click "OK" to save.

4. Execute AutoSignal Connector on Chart

To receive trading signals in Meta Trader, add the AutoSignal Connector to your chart by Right-click on it and select "Execute On Chart." In the settings window, go to "Inputs" and input your "Indicator Alert Info." This ensures the Autobot Software accurately receives and executes trading signals based on your specified indicators.

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