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Find Experts who share their "Signal Key"

Just Copy and Paste

Social Copy Trading

Autobot's copy trading feature allows users to replicate trades from experts who share their "Signal Key." This powerful tool ensures real-time execution without delay for an unlimited number of followers, enabling seamless, instant trade mirroring across millions of users, leveraging expert strategies efficiently and effectively.


Autobot offers two rewarding pathways for its users:


For New Trader

Follow successful strategies provider

Access to a hug library of strategies and indicators

Follow others, disccuss and share

Support & HelpDesk

Strategy Provider

For Experienced Trader

Earn up to 25% share on followers profits*

Earn commission once your followers buy any subscriptions

Your Signal Key is completely private.

VIP Support & HelpDesk

1. Earn as a Follower: Ideal for newcomers, this option allows you to benefit from the platform's vast trading opportunities without needing to be an expert. By simply following seasoned traders, you adopt their strategies, indicators, and best practices, thus learning and earning through their expertise.

2. Strategy Provider: This role is more than just leveraging your trading strategies for personal gain. As a Strategy Provider, you share your insights with the community, enhancing your earnings through up to 25% profit sharing from your followers. Additionally, you'll receive commissions of up to 60% whenever your followers subscribe to or purchase any of our subscription packages, further amplifying your income potential.

These avenues provide both learning opportunities for beginners and financial benefits for experienced traders, creating a symbiotic ecosystem within the Autobot Trading Platform.

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