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Social Trading: Following your leader when they trade

Our Social Trading feature empowers you to select from a curated pool of highly successful Binary Options expert traders and replicate their live trading signals in real-time.

1. Leader's Signal Key

2. Apply Their Signal Key to your Bot

3. Copy Trades

How it works

Follow their Signal but not Their faults.

Social Trading offers you comprehensive control over your invested capital, placing the power firmly in your hands. You can tailor risk management and trading filters to precisely match your unique requirements.

Follow Expert Traders by Utilizing Their Signal Key

Follow skilled traders using their unique Signal Key to gain insights and improve your trading. Connect with seasoned experts, make informed decisions, and enhance your trading journey effortlessly.

You are in Full Control!

CopyTrading empowers you with complete control over your invested capital. Tailor your risk management strategies and trading filters to precisely align with your unique requirements.

Rest assured, your capital remains secure. Our robust suite of features, including take-profit orders, stop-loss safeguards, and trade volume limits, stand guard over your account, ensuring its protection at all times!

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